DLF residents record litany of damaged promises

The residents said lack of water connections and approach roads was causing them considerable trouble. Photo: K. Pichumani

Inhabitants of complex on OMR stage a protest in front of builder’s office

CHENNAI, March 22, 2013 :Anguished citizens of DLF Garden City on Old Mahabalipuram Street held a demonstration at the DLF office on Poonamallee High Street on Wed, claiming that the designer had did not provide on many of its guarantees. A multitude of family members, such as kids, who were holding placards, signed up with the demonstration, challenging social services.

“The designer gathered Rs. 1 lakh for Metrowater direction relationship, when we purchased the flat; but there is no relationship yet. We are provided groundwater that is unsuitable for consuming. We just get some Metrowater tanker trucks once a day,” claimed Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, a 34-year-old independent author, a citizen of DLF Garden City since the last two several weeks. She came along with her eight-year-old son S. Arjun, who organised a placard.

The deficiency of inadequate accessibility streets also was a resource of discomfort for many demonstrators. “They confident us of three strategy streets to the venture site when we reserved the home. Now, we are remaining with poorly-laid streets which decline easily during the monsoon,” said S. Swaminathan, who had purchased his residence this year and shifted in three several weeks ago.

Mr. Swaminathan is among those who declare that they reserved an residence in DLF expecting their kids would get entrance in a top-notch university situated on the property, on a concern foundation. “But I had to put up a battle before getting an entrance for my son,” he said. Many others also claimed the university had declined acceptance to some residents’ kids and relented after recurring is attractive.

S. Natarajan said that his buddy’s little girl had been declined entrance in the university. “My sibling S. Suresh has reserved an residence, but cannot get an entrance for his little girl Vanishka,” he included. Other unsatisfied guarantees consist of a team home, a drugstore and a retail center, according to the citizens. Later, around 4 p.m., DLF authorities organised conversations with the citizens of the flats. An formal said the residents’ problems would be settled at the first. “We have some legalities offering City Water direction relationship right now. We want to type out all the problems in about ten days’ time,” included the formal.