6 Things to Consider before finalizing a Residential Property

                   6 Things to Consider before finalizing a Residential Property

You need to check a lot many things before buying a house—especially the interiors. From plumbing to electricity to other fittings – what are these? Read on to know more.

Buying a house has loads to do with rather than simply focusing on loans and interests. This is more important because you will have to cross check every facet before buying a house.

So, always remember to check the building itself, check the layout of the whole house and interiors such as kitchen, or whether the house has an en-suite. If you are sincere about buying out the property, you will have to go through the pros and cons of the house and thus make the final decision. Remember that few simple maintenance checks can make s lot of difference between buying your dream home and a nightmarish experience.

You can always get in touch with a qualified real estate agent or a building inspector; such a move can help you calm down and have control over your mind. Explained below are some of the main things that you need to check before buying a house.img

Are theinteriors in proper shape?

This step is ideally very important when you are buying a resale property. And if the property is more than 10 years old, inspecting the interior is highly significant. Are every interior is proper shape? Have you checked the walls for corrosion or any kind of water stains? Try and check if there are any signs of moisture penetration or leakages. If such things exist, understand that you need to fix it and also this is not a structural defect but an expensive maintenance item that you need to repair.

Check the Ceilings for sagging and water leakages

Do not forget to glance through the ceilings well enough. Cracks and sagging might hamper the structure later on. So, do check these properly. If they are fixed they will not have a parachute appearance. The best way to do is by flashing torch light across the ceilings. This will enable you to detect the deflections and defects in the ceilings more effectively.

Water Supply within the House

Yes! Checking the effective way of water supply is very essential. Turn of the taps in the bathroom and kitchen to check water pressure and the drainage systems. Are the showers in the bathroom working properly? Is the flow of water controlled or is it haywire? Concentrate on these things a little more closely. Is the geyser or the hot water tap functioning properly? A family with kids will need more hot water than a couple. SO ensure that the hot water tap is functioning properly. Check for rust and age of the fittings.

Is the Insulation in Place?

Proper insulation can help you save thousands of electric bills. So, pay a quick visit to the adjacent manhole – this will help you acquire some idea about the situation here about the drainage system and its conditions. Did you check the cavity wall for proper insulation?

Check the Windows Properly

Checking the windows is important. Do they slide easily? Most importantly, are they positioned properly within the house so as to ensure proper ventilation?If there are glass windows, check for cracks; you can do the same for wooden windows as well. However, be double sure about dampness in wooden windows.

Check for Storage Space

You are planning to move to a new house; do not forget to check the optimum storage space. Will you be able to fit in your sofa set properly? Is there enough space in the living room to fit in your favourite bookshelf? Does the kitchen have an in-built storage space or do you have to invest on the same again? Check all these probabilities.

Apart from these, you also need to check the overall condition of house, depending upon which you will have to chalk out your budget and then take a final call about buying the property.

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